About Sakucha

Our offering is refreshment in a bowl of tea 

We offer premium organic Japanese tea and tools for developing nourishing mindfulness practices. Sakucha is steeped in Japanese tea culture and philosophy and served for this time and place. 

Our mission is to help you bloom

Sakucha's offerings have been carefully cultivated to support your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our vision is a world that's deeply connected 

With each bowl of tea we nurture deep, authentic connections with self, others and nature. 


Sakucha's Story

West(ern australia) to east

Beginning with language and culture studies, Sakucha founder Kelsey has been making connections with Japan for over a decade. She stepped out of the corporate scene in her native Australia and moved to Kyoto. Trading the West(ern Australia) for the East, she sought to refresh body and mind.



Refreshment was found in a bowl of matcha green tea. A number of serendipities led her to Chado: a new friend, a library book, an accidental visit to a tea shop and meeting a sensei (teacher). She commenced study and tea became a way of life. 



Through the practice of tea and mindfulness and with a desire to help others thrive, Sakucha bloomed.

The name "Sakucha" comes from 2 Japanese words: 咲 saku (to bloom) and 茶 cha (tea). Our name reflects our mission: to help you flourish with a mindful tea practice. 


The Sakucha Promise

Sakucha product feature organic Japanese tea made with 100% JAS organic tea leaves


All of our tea is carefully crafted from 100% JAS organic tea leaves. We support organic farming to care for the health of our customers and the planet. 

Sakucha product feature organic Japanese tea made in Uji, Japan

Grown iN JAPAN

We are honoured to support the Japanese tea farming tradition with over 800 years of history. The Uji region has been producing the world's finest matcha for centuries.  

Sakucha product feature organic Japanese tea packed in a home compostable tea pouch


The health of the planet is core to every decision we make. We offer compostable tea pouches, carbon-neutral delivery, plastic-free products and packaging. 

Tea bowl icon


We have a deep respect for the tradition of 茶道 Chado (The Japanese Way of Tea) and the people who contribute to the practice - past, present and future. We hope to share the spirit of tea with you through our offerings. 



We are committed to developing authentic and kind relationships with our customers, suppliers and anyone else we connect with.



Ours is a journey of continuous learning and improvement to best serve you and the planet. When we know better we will do better. 



Kelsey is the founder of Sakucha, a 茶道 Chado (The Japanese Art of Tea) Practitioner (Urasenke), registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher (Yoga Australia and Meditation Association of Australia) and Chartered Accountant (CAANZ), who is passionate about personal and planetary wellbeing.