Corporate Mindfulness Training

Training information

First Session: 

  • Learn about the unique health benefits of matcha and mindfulness 
  • Japanese tea tasting
  • Experience a mindful tea practice
  • Learn how to develop a personal and mindful tea practice at work/home

Following sessions: 

  • Enjoy organic Japanese tea
  • Explore a new mindfulness technique including its origin, benefits and evidence base 
  • Practise the new mindfulness technique
  • Learn how to use this technique at work/home

Duration: 1 hr

Participants: up to 12 


organisation outcomes

  • Enhanced wellbeing of employees which can reduce the cost of absenteeism
  • Improved focus and creativity of team members who can perform at their best to solve business problems 
  • Better relationships between individuals, team and clients which can increase profitability 
  • Greater employee satisfaction and loyalty having been offered a unique and valuable experience in the work place

Individual outcomes

  • Experience the benefits of mindfulness which may include reduced stress, improved sleep quality and duration, stronger immune function, enhanced memory and concentration and more
  • Enhanced relationships with leaders/colleagues/clients/family both inside and outside the training sessions  
  • Learn something new - form new neural connections and strengthen existing pathways which can lead to improved performance and higher self-esteem 
  • Enhance your ability to be present with and enjoy work and home life 
  • Increase your feeling of satisfaction in your role and work place 

Booking information

This training can be delivered face-to-face or online. We capture your location in the booking to discuss the best option for your team.

Please make a booking request using the calendar and we will contact you with our current packages and rates.

If you have any queries about this training, please email us at [email protected]

June 2021
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Kelsey is the founder of Sakucha, a 茶道 Chado (The Japanese art of Tea) Practitioner (Urasenke), registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher (Yoga Australia & Meditation Association of Australia) and Chartered Accountant (CAANZ), who is passionate about personal and planetary wellbeing.