Leaf Tea Set • Brew for You Set



  • Kyusu teapot (ceramic & unglazed)
  • Porcelain teacup
  • Organic leaf tea: hojicha roasted green tea or genmaicha green tea with roasted rice

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This Japanese tea set includes everything you need to for a solo tea session: organic hojicha or genmaicha tea, kyusu (teapot) and a porcelain teacup.

Organic Hojicha or Genmaicha Tea

This tea set comes with your choice of tea: Organic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea or Organic Genmaicha Green Tea with Roasted Rice. Hojicha has a toasted, slightly caramel flavour. We recommend drinking it in the late afternoon/evening. Its low caffeine content and earthy flavour have a grounding effect. Genmaicha is sometimes called popcorn tea which hints at its toasted, nutty flavour. We recommend drinking our organic genmaicha for afternoon refreshment. It is lower in caffeine than other green tea. Both teas have been carefully prepared from 100% JAS certified organic green tea leaves grown in Uji, Japan. We pack our organic leaf tea into home compostable pouches. The pouch labels are made of FSC accredited paper, benign printing inks and non-toxic adhesives and manufactured in Australia with solar power.

Kyusu (Teapot)

Our ceramic kyusu is the perfect vessel for solo tea sessions with a 180mL capacity. The smooth modern design features a built-in tea strainer. This kyusu teapot has been crafted in Tokoname, Japan from local soil. It is an unglazed teapot. This allows the clay to enrich tea with minerals which can make for a smoother brew. Its compact form means it can be used for outdoor tea sessions.

Choose your colour:

  • Sumi Kyusu: a dark black clay that inspired the name “sumi” or ink in Japanese
  • Suna Kyusu: a light coloured clay with subtle specks that resemble sand or “suna” in Japanese
Porcelain Tea Cup

This teacup is made of white porcelain with a wide mouth. These features help you to appreciate the colour, aroma and taste of tea. It is an ideal vessel for tea tasting sessions or savouring premium leaf tea. It measures 70mm x 45mm and has a 50mL capacity.


This Japanese tea set is carefully packed into a black gift box. The box is both reusable and recyclable. It is manufactured in Australia from PEFC and FSC accredited paper material and printed with UV inks.

Care Instructions

Handwash the kyusu and teacup with warm water.


Please note that these are handmade pieces crafted with natural materials. There may be variations in size, shape and colour.


We ship our tea and teaware across Australia and New Zealand. Our matcha mail is plastic-free and packed into compostable shipping mailers. Sendle or Australia Post will make a carbon-neutral delivery to your door. Please review our Shipping Policy.