Water Receptacle • Nami Kensui



  • Ceramic
  • Brown glaze with “kushime” or comb pattern
  • Tokoname Yaki/ Tokoname Ware

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The Nami Kensui is a ceramic water receptacle and a great companion for summer tea sessions. It’s a fine piece of Tokoname Yaki crafted from local clay and brown glaze in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The body features a design called “kushime” or comb pattern. This wave-like pattern inspired the name “nami” or wave in Japanese. In the Japanese tea room, a kensui is used to pour hot/cold water when cleansing tea utensils like the tea bowl and whisk. It is typically a bowl-shaped vessel made of clay, metal or wood.  This ceramic kensui can be used for your own tea sessions. It enables you to create a tea space anywhere in the home and prepare tea intentionally. Allow the water to cool and use it for watering the house plants afterwards – make it a sustainabili-tea.

About the Craft/Artisan

Tokoname Yaki or Tokoname Ware are ceramics produced in the Tokoname area of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. One of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns is located here. This pottery dates back to the 12th century and the craft has been kept alive by generations of dedicated and highly skilled potters since. Today, Tokoname is a renowned producer of teapots among other items such as wind chimes and incense burners.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with warm water.


Please note: These are handmade pieces crafted with natural materials. There may be slight variations in size, shape and colour.


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