Matcha Bowl • Heiwa Chawan



  • Ceramic
  • Brown clay with glossy black glaze
  • Mino Yaki/ Mino Ware
  • Yuteki Tenmoku (“oil-spots”) glaze
  • 120mm x 75mm
  • 450mL capacity


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The Heiwa Chawan is a matcha bowl in the Mino-yaki ceramic style crafted in Gifu, Japan. This tea bowl is made from a light clay with a generous coating of grey glaze. This inspired the name “heiwa” or peace in Japanese. The gentle tones of this bowl compliment the vibrant green colour of our organic ceremonial matcha.

About the Craft/Artisan

Mino Yaki or Mino Ware is a kind of ceramic produced in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Mino Yaki is the oldest form of pottery in Japan, originating in the 7th century. Mino Ware does not maintain a single style. Rather, it includes 15 variations, all of which are designated as traditional Japanese crafts. By the Showa period (1926-1988) Mino became the pottery of greatest production in Japan. This is due to its prestige as well as new technology/techniques that enabled high-quality production at higher volumes.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with warm water.


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