Matcha Whisk · Sakucha Chasen


  • Whisks matcha into a creamy bowl of tea
  • Handcrafted from bamboo
  • Sakucha logo detail
  • Bamboo case that doubles as a travel case and flower vase

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The chasen (tea whisk) is a utensil and work of art.

Our whisk has been handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo and has Sakucha logo detail on the handle. It comes in a plastic-free bamboo case that’s beautiful and functional. The case can be used to take your tea anywhere (outdoors, to the office or on holidays) and doubles as a flower vase.

Use the chasen’s curved prongs to whisk matcha into a foamy bowl of usucha (thin tea). Whisking enhances the sweet notes and creates a creamy texture. You can also use the whisk to “knead” matcha into koicha (thick/rich tea). Display this stunning piece in your tea space as a reminder to whisk and bloom every day. 

Please note: the chasen is handcrafted from natural materials. Therefore, each piece is unique and may vary in size, shape and colour.

We ship our tea and teaware Australia-wide. Our matcha mail is plastic-free and packed into compostable shipping mailers. Sendle will make a carbon neutral delivery to your door. Please review our Shipping Policy.

Care instructions: whisk in clean water. Then, rinse prongs under a running tap and gently remove remaining tea with your fingers.