Shiboridashi • Teapot



  • Ceramic
  • Dark clay
  • Unglazed
  • Tokoname Yaki/ Tokoname Ware
  • 60mL capacity

Please note: teacup and tea are not included


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This shiboridashi will enhance your leaf tea experience. It is an elegant handleless vessel with a spouted bowl and lid. This piece is crafted in Tokoname, Japan from local soil. The vermilion mud is smoked, resulting in a rich black colour. Unglazed clay enriches your tea with minerals, which can create a smoother brew.

Shiboridashi can be translated as “squeeze-pour teapot”. Different to kyusu, the shiboridashi does not have a filter. Instead, the narrow gap between the lid and the body separates liquor from leaves. The design enables you to squeeze every last drop of liquor (and umami/savoury flavour) from the tea leaves. Use it to mindfully prepare premium leaf tea like our organic gyokuro grown in Uji, Japan.

About the Craft/Artisan

Tokoname Yaki or Tokoname Ware are ceramics produced in the Tokoname area of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. One of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns is located here. This pottery dates back to the 12th century. The craft has been kept alive by generations of dedicated and highly skilled potters since then. Today, Tokoname is a renowned producer of teapots.

Care Instructions

Hand wash with warm water. Scrub with a light brush as necessary. Dry well after use.


Please note: This is a handmade piece that has been crafted with natural materials. There may be slight variations in size, shape and colour.


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