Matcha Whisk · Takayama Chasen



  • Handcrafted
  • 25th generation chasen maker
  • Hachijyuppondate (80 tines)
  • Shiratake (white untreated bamboo) and black thread
  • Whisk matcha into a creamy bowl of tea


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A matcha whisk is both a utensil and work of art. Create a creamy and delicious bowl of matcha with its fine and flexible tines. This is a Hachijyuppondate (80 tines) whisk made with shiratake (white untreated bamboo) and black thread. The Urasenke school of Japanese tea favours this style of whisk. This chasen was crafted from a single piece of locally grown bamboo in Takayama, Nara Prefecture. Takayama village is famed for its high-quality chasen and other wooden products. The bamboo growing, drying and shaping processes require many years and a high level of skill. The result is a beautiful tea utensil that is a pleasure to use and will make many bowls of tea.

About the Craft/Artisan

The Takayama chasen has been crafted by a 25th generation chasen maker carrying the family’s 500-year-old tradition. This artisan is one of only 18 remaining chasen masters.

Care Instructions

After tea, add water to the tea bowl and whisk. Rinse the prongs under a running tap (avoid wetting the cotton). Use your forefinger and thumb to gently slide off any remaining tea. Leave it to dry in a well-ventilated space. Ideally, store it on a kusenaoshi/whisk stand. This will help the whisk dry efficiently, keep tines in shape and prevent mold growth. 


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