Violet Glass Tea Jar 30g • Tea Storage Jar



  • Violet/Miron/Biophotonic glass
  • Screw-on cap with a violet wad
  • Linen-look Sakucha seal
  • 100mL/30g capacity


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Our tea storage jar made of violet glass will protect the taste and nutritional value of your tea and allow you to scoop with ease. It has a 30g capacity and is offered as a refill jar for our organic matcha and hojicha powder (which come packed in home compostable pouches). The screw-on lid has a violet wad and makes the jar airtight. The jar is finished with a linen-look Sakucha seal. This tea storage jar makes an elegant addition to your tea set and removes single-use containers from your tea practice.

About the Craft/Artisan

Violet glass, also known as Miron or Biophotonic glass, is a deeply coloured (almost opaque) glass that filters the spectrum of visible light. This allows only Infra-Red and UVA or “violet” light through. By blocking out the damaging range of light, this glass maintains the integrity of natural products and dramatically extends its shelf life. Whilst modern production is relatively new, this kind of glass was used by ancient Egyptians. They stored valuable essences and other natural products of gold and violet glass containers.

This manufacturer has been making high-quality glass products in Europe since 1995. They use science and technology to make glassware that preserves natural products, extending their shelf life and therefore reducing spoilage. Manufacturing is also carried out in a way to reduce waste.

Care Instructions

Hand wash and dry the base of the jar (do not wet the lid) before first use. Clean as necessary with warm water and dry very well before storing tea inside.


We ship our tea and teaware across Australia and New Zealand. Our matcha mail is plastic-free and packed into compostable shipping mailers. Sendle or Australia Post will make a carbon-neutral delivery to your door. Please review our Shipping Policy.

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