Three Leaf Tea Tasting Set


A tasting set with 3 different organic Japanese teas:

  • Gyokuro (shade-grown green tea) 30g
  • Genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice) 30g
  • Hojicha (roasted green tea) 30g


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The Three Leaf Tea Tasting Set includes 3 premium organic Japanese teas. This tea was grown on an organic farm in Uji, Kyoto (the birthplace of Japanese green tea) and has been carefully crafted by a tea maker with more than 120 years of history in Japan.

About each tea


Made with the finest shade-grown green tea leaves. This tea has deep savoury notes and a gentle sweetness. Rich in L-theanine (providing calm focus) and antioxidants, it is a great tea to start the day with. We recommend brewing it in the morning.


Made with organic sencha green tea leaves and roasted brown rice. This tea has a nutty flavour blended with a fresh herbal taste. It pairs well with food. We recommend drinking this tea during lunch and the early afternoon.


Made of roasted green tea leaves. This tea has a toasted, slightly caramel flavour. We recommend drinking this tea in the late afternoon/evening as its low caffeine content and earthy flavour has a grounding effect.

We pack all tea in this Japanese tea tasting set in home compostable pouches. This packaging has been purpose-designed to provide a high-barrier storage solution for tea. Our pouches protect tea from light, oxygen and moisture to keep it fresh from the farm to your tea space. You can conveniently re-seal the pouch after first use. We make our tea labels with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, food grade glue and non-toxic ink. The labels are produced in an Australian solar-powered facility with minimal water consumption.


Sakucha ships tea and tea ware Australia-wide. Our mail is plastic-free and packed into compostable shipping mailers. Sendle or Australia Post will make a carbon neutral delivery to your door. Please review our Shipping Policy for more information.

Preparation instructions

Please refer to the guidance on the back of the pouch.

Care instructions

Keep pouches well sealed and out of direct sunlight.