Matcha Set · The Whisk & Bloom Set

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  • Organic ceremonial grade matcha, 30g
  • Chasen (tea whisk)
  • Chasen case and flower vase

Note: tea bowl not included

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The Whisk and Bloom Matcha Set has the basic tea and tools to prepare a bowl of tea at home. This matcha tea set includes our organic ceremonial grade matcha, chasen (tea whisk) and chasen case, which also doubles as a flower vase. Our organic ceremonial grade matcha is carefully prepared from 100% JAS organic green tea leaves grown in Uji, Japan. The Uji region has been producing the world’s best matcha for more than 800 years. Our farming partner picked the finest leaves from shade-grown tea trees during this year’s first (Spring) harvest. These tea leaves were then carefully ground to produce a delicious and nutritious green tea powder. Sakucha’s matcha whisk (chasen) is handcrafted from bamboo. The bamboo case is both beautiful and functional. It can be used to take your tea anywhere – outdoors, to the office or on holidays. The case also doubles as a flower vase.This matcha tea set is carefully packed into a beautiful gift box. We ship our tea and teaware Australia-wide. Our matcha mail is plastic-free and packed into compostable shipping mailers. Sendle will make a carbon neutral delivery to your door. Please review our Shipping Policy. Care instructions: Please refer to card inside your set.