Five Leaf Reviews

I am a huge matcha lover and Sakucha is without a doubt the best matcha I have ever tried! You can really taste the quality, and the vibrant colour is out of this world. Sakucha is such a wonderful company with 10/10 customer service. I would highly recommend to anyone.


I have significantly reduced my coffee intake. Matcha has been the perfect drink to replace that for me. I love the intention that goes into making and drinking a fresh cup of ceremonial matcha. I would highly recommend Sakucha - my number 1 favourite! You can tell it is top quality from the bright green colour and taste.


Absolutely love this product! Everything from the design, the taste, the biodegradable packaging to the health benefits! This is the BEST matcha tea I’ve ever tasted! Definitely recommending Sakucha to my friends!


Sakucha's tea is refreshing and smooth. It's my favourite way to take a break from the busyness of the day.

JACQUI (MUM OF 4), 05.04.21

Trying Sakucha matcha: literally the most vibrant matcha I've had in Australia. The flavour is delicate, slightly grassy, slightly sweet and definitely an easy day to day drink. I had to try some iced and it was so refreshing. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Amber Y (Tea Lover), 02.04.21
I received my first order of excellent matcha tea, packed in a very mindful way. It is easy to see that Sakucha company members live a genuine way of tea, sharing high quality matcha to the world, combined with the love for tea. Thank you very much.
Bernhard (Student of tea ceremony, Urasenke tradition), 03.03.21

Amazing quality Japanese Matcha, packaged elegantly and sustainably. Everything about Sakucha is done with authenticity and intentionality in mind. The instructions are suitable for beginners and seasoned tea aficionados alike - and will guide you along the mindful tea-ceremony journey. Good for you and good for the planet.

Chris (Passionate about Japanese culture & language), 10.02.21
Kelsey curated and hosted a unique tea experience as part of a larger workshop in Perth. It set the scene and complimented the other activities very well. We all walked away with a new approach to mindfulness and gratitude practice.
Dylan Lamb (Strategic Designer at Holonic, passionate about circular economy, facilitation, Japan & travel), 10.02.21
Matcha tea of the highest quality and worth every cent. I am now able to create a smooth, creamy and tasty matcha through Sakucha's tea, tools and teachings. It's an all round beautiful experience that helps me start the day centred and calm. The compostable packaging and carbon neutral delivery means it's good for me and the environment.
Ashleigh K (HR Professional), 08.02.21
As soon as I opened the bag I could smell the fragrance of quality matcha. The taste had a wonderful embracing bitterness like a good wine. This seems like a great matcha for a meditative tea session.
Leigh Howard-Guerin (Urasenke Chado (The Japanese Way of Tea) Practitioner, Barista & Coffee Roaster), 22.10.20